12 Questions Ask Yourself Before Moving Forward To Relationship Or Marrying Someone

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Marriage is not a simple decision. Take a little bit of time to decide whom you are going to marry, with whom you are going to spend your whole life so take a right and better decision. we all have heard a idiom “precaution is better than cure” so ask these 12 questions to yourself before moving forward to your relationship or deciding to marry someone.

1. Ask yourself are you happy in this relationship?

marriage relationship1

If you have made a mind that you are going to marry someone so please think ones more as being unhappy at home is quite better than being unhappy with your partner. Because at home finally everything will be alright but if you are not happy in your relation it will pinch you in your whole life. So don’t hope that marrying someone will change your life but sometimes it can make your life hell.

2. What is your senses telling you?

marriage relationship2

Each and everything we are doing have intuition for that task. So listen to your feelings, listen to yourself Because feelings gives you indications .

3. Are you still the same person which you were before the relationship?

marriage relationship3

Being in love does not mean that you have to change yourself according to your partner ideas whom you are be that one at any level.

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