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OMG! 1000 Lives Have Been Lost In Bermuda Triangle From Past Century

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1. 6 US,Navy Bombers disappeared in 1945 near Bermuda Triangle. Before this event already 27 men and 1 pilot vanished.

2. In 1492, Columbus’s ship floated on still waters through Triangle. There was unusual compass reading at that time.

3. Over the last century already 1000 lives have been lost.

4. Bruce Gernon claims he lost 28 minutes after flying through a time wraping cloud tunnel.

5. One aeroplane Vanished into thin air while controllers were distracted.

6. Higher levels of methane gas are trapped underneath the triangles.

7. Bermuda’s counterpart is also there in pacific ocean called “The Dragon Triangle”.

8. There was a believe that the lost city of Atlantis will be found under Bermuda Triangle.

9. In 1918, 306 people lost when the Navy ship the USS Cyclops vanished.

10. The area has been the scene of reported UFO sightings which is near to the Triangle.

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